Classic Green Money Plant


The Money Plant, a very popular houseplant is not only easy to care for but is also believed to bring wealth and financial success. With its attractive heart-shaped leaves and unique trailing growth, this versatile plant is the perfect addition to any space. Buy now and enjoy the beauty and benefits of this beloved houseplant!


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Bring good luck and prosperity to your home with this beautiful Classic Green Money Plant!

General Product Specifications & Care Tips:

  • Average Plant Dimension: Approx. between 3 inches – 6 inches.
  • Do not leave a saucer with water sitting under the container. This plant requires minimal watering.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight. Just natural mild light is enough.
  • Avoid overwatering and wetting plant leaves excessively.
  • The image is indicative of purpose. As plants are natural products, shapes, and sizes may be of varying scales.
  • For flowering plants, the flower can be fully bloomed, semi-bloomed, or in the bud stage.
  • Please note- the size, shape, design, and color of the flower/plant pot may vary as per best availability. The image shown here is just for indicative purposes



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